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Saint Laurent ‘Lifetime’ Denim Jacket Review

Today I present you one of Saint Laurent’s signature jackets. Denim jackets have been around for ages. It was heavily proliferated in the early 20th century after Levi’s released their first denim jacket designed for workwear. The jacket was widely adopted by laborers and soon the Army and Navy for its durability and versitility. The coat made for hard work and rugged use made its way over to popular culture with celebrities such as Elvis wearing it, consequently giving it a new image. Denim jackets were ‘in’ and designer denim jackets gained traction. Today these jackets are worn in both workwear and fashion.

Saint Laurent released this jacket in 2016 as part of their ‘Surf Sound’ collection inspired by California’s sunny beaches and it oozes grunge vibes from the 90’s. The right arm is adorned by a badge that displays the word “lifetime” with a palm tree on top. One can speculate what the word ‘lifetime’ means, but it sounds like something that would fit in with the 90’s groove. The palm tree is colored bright blue and contrasts greatly against the yellow semicircle and horizontal red stripes. Check out the 2018 denim jacket with a less-cryptic ‘Love me forever patch.’ The jacket feels solid and well-constructed. I would not hesitate to thrash it around as it can take a beating. This would also be suitable for an everyday jacket as the style is timeless and the color easy to match with. And it does not stand out enough to get you recognized from behind even though they can’t see your face but they know it’s you because you always wear the same jacket.

The material feels lightly coated with wax and is slightly rigid. The texture is very detailed with ripples of varying shades of blue and undertones of yellow peeking through. There is distressing throughout. The collar is frayed along the edges and a rip on the forearm by the wrist that exposes the threads.

Clothing should evoke emotion from the wearer. For some people, they feel more confident in a well-fitting suit and others may feel smart wearing glasses. I feel like a 50% certified badass wearing this jacket. On one hand I want to chop down trees and chew on grass, on the other hand I have a palm tree and popular among middle-aged women cable network “Lifetime” on my shoulder. Seriously what does that word even mean?

It fits short on the torso and long on the arms. I would say this jacket fits slightly oversize as it is a small and I normally wear medium in outerwear. This jacket would look great with black pants and a contrasting t shirt.  I would hesitate to recommend this jacket for the oversized look as the cut is not made to be worn as oversized so buying a size up would look disproportional.

I wore this jacket with a white Uniqlo t-shirt, Saint Laurent biker jeans, and Churchs Chelsea boots.

Overall, Saint Laurent released a solid piece with modest styling and a badge to proudly display its collection. This jacket is one I hope to last a “lifetime.”

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