Lengjai is unlike any other fashion/culture website. Really.

Tired of seeing alt-right crap dominating your feeds? We are too. We're pretty woke and are probably the hardest-working people you will ever find. We're used to being in the top 1% in everything we do, and our standard of excellence drives Lengjai.

What does 'Lengjai mean?'

Translated literally from Cantonese: 'good-looking/handsome boy.' Lengjai is an inclusive space for all everybody but of course, we're Asian-focused for all genders.

Sean Ng Pack

Mechanical Engineering junior @ Northeastern
Fashion, photography, design, computer science, robotics, esoteric hobbies--obsessive personality and will not stop until complete mastery

Philip Ng Pack

4.7 GPA junior in High School
Varsity debate captain, varsity tennis player, adept writer--exceptionally rare logic and reasoning abilities