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Philip Ng Pack

I am Philip Ng Pack, co-creator of Lengjai, a junior in high school and varsity debate captain overloaded with a full AP schedule in order to hit double digits in my senior year. When I first entered high school and became more conscious of my appearance, I began searching the internet for fashion advice on the most stylish shoes and other general tips to try to fit in. I eventually realized that none of the articles or threads online ever applied to my racial identity– preppy boat shoes made me look out of place and I didn’t want to look like a lumberjack. (Also, note to all the posts about growing a beard, I can’t). In retrospect, it’s obvious that all the advice and fashion tips out there are made by white people for white people. But all of this contributed to the cultural confusion I experienced. As a kid, there weren’t any Asian American figures in media to look to, discounting the same two actors in those decades old martial arts films. Today we’re influencing the conversation for Asian Americans by providing relevant advice and increasing representation.


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