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Sean Ng Pack

My name is Sean and I am the co-creator of Lengjai. I grew up a pretty aware child. I indulged in reading the news about current events happening around me. I wanted so badly to be one of the talking heads in the televisions to bring the news to the masses. But at the same time, a lot of what I read horrified me because I could not understand why some individuals would seek to harm others. As I grew up with my eyes stuck to the computer, I became aware of a massive shift in conversation in all topics from American news, to car talk, and technology. To me, it seemed like I was the only person noticing how everyone was growing up along with the internet. Slang that was super popular for a year would be dropped completely, derogatory words were not ‘cool’ to use anymore. Then, I lost interest in reading about what happened the day before and I started researching what will happen. To me, the internet was a spawning ground of new trends and ideas. I went deep into esoteric items that I thought would be popular in a few years to come–and most of my predictions came to fruition that I am still benefiting from today. Now, I want to actively set the trends and change the conversation.



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